Customer Testimonials


My mother recently passed and left me an heirloom quality engagement ring. I had no idea what it was worth, but I wanted to present it to my fiancée. I made an appointment and it was taken care of right away.


Graydon took the time to show me specifically how the ring and the gemstone was graded and took the time to answer all my questions. I never felt threatened or pressured throughout the whole process. Thanks for five-star service.


My boyfriend and I were walking through the mall and wandered into Gesner Appraisal Services. The store was packed with customers but we never felt neglected. We had a diamond tennis bracelet appraised while we waited. Awesome service and would highly recommend to all my friends and family.


I have a two half-carat diamond solitaire ring that I carry insurance on. My insurance company asked for an updated appraisal on the ring. I took it to Gesner Appraisal and I couldn’t be happier. The appraisal was done promptly, professionally, and my diamond had actually increased in value. The best part is the next time I have to have my appraisal updated it will be free.


Graydon was a true professional and a true gentleman throughout the process. He takes the time to educate and advise its customers and since he has no vested interest in the jewelry, we felt at ease throughout the whole process. We actually had two pieces that we want to get appraised, and he graciously explained that one of the pieces wouldn’t be worth appraising. He didn’t charge us for that and we appreciate it.


I booked an appointment on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening I had my appraisal in hand. Top flight professional service from start to finish. Graydon has many customers, but made me feel like I was the most important one in the store that day. I’ll be back and I’ll tell my friends thanks again.