graydon-home-page The Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on gemstones and gemology. The GIA’s mission is to protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality. The institute does so through research, gem identification and diamond grading services and a variety of educational programs. Education at the Gemological Institute of America is crucial for proper gemology training and Graydon was very fortunate to study and graduate at the headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

On February 15, 1931, retail jeweler Robert M. Shipley cashed in his savings to establish the Gemological Institute of America. Most jewelers at that time knew little about the gems they trade. Shipley sought to professionalize the industry through education, research and gemological instrumentation. The fledgling institute, operated out of the Shipley’s home in Los Angeles, offered mail-order courses and gem testing services.

Since its formation, the GIA has become an institution with more than 200,000 graduates from 13 schools in 10 countries, a prestigious laboratory grading the world’s most important diamonds, the leading gemological research center, and the originator of the “4 C’s” which is the worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality.

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Please note: Gesner appraisal services is not a laboratory and does not “certify” gemstones. If you wish to have your diamond or colored stone graded by a laboratory, we suggest contacting the Gemological institute of America. Please be aware of laboratories that have little recognition in the trade and issue grading reports under the GIA grading scale. They are known to be inaccurate.

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Graydon Gesner, G.G., A.J.P.